June 2019: Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!

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Did you know?

We are a Gold Standard Cat Friendly Practice!

Cats need regular check-ups with the Doctor to ensure all 9 lives are happy and healthy! We understand this can be stressful for your kitties so we take necessary steps to make our hospital as safe and comfortable for your cats as we possibly can! We even have a separate exam room only for cats designed to eliminate as many scary smells and sounds as possible.

If you would like to learn more about MuraBella Animal Hospital and the steps we have taken to make our hospital a more safe, comfortable environment for your cat, please visit: https://www.murabellaanimalhospital.com/cat-friendly-practice/.

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

If you have adopted from a shelter or a rescue group in the last year and bring your adoption paperwork with you, your first exam with the doctor is free! We have a kitten package as well as a monthly preventative care plan for cats of all ages so whether you decide to adopt a kitten or an older cat, we have something that works for you.

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The Doctor’s Recommendation

Although cats don’t show clinical signs like dogs do, they can still become infected with heartworms. Just like with dogs, this can be fatal to your cat and there is no treatment currently available for them. We have a few easy-to-apply, cost-effective heartworm preventions that our doctors recommend to keep your kitty safe! Please call us today and schedule your appointment!

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