Everyone in the office shows their compassion and kindness on every visit. I always feel that everyone loves their job and has a passion to care for every pet. Thank you so very much for taking such great care of our fur babies!

– Catie K., Google

Thorough and accurate diagnosis. Everyone is warm and friendly. They treat my dogs as if they were their own.

– Vetboostapp.com

The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. I always feel they are concerned about any issues with my dog and give him the best care possible. Dr. Bell is amazing – I am continuously impressed with her – she sat on the floor to talk to my dog before the examine and got to met him – I don’t know any other doctor who has ever done that!!!!

– Vetboostapp.com

The technician and veterinarian were both very caring. They took a lot of time to listen to my concerns about my elderly feline and they did everything they could to help us out. They also followed up the next day just to see how my kitty was doing which was nice.

– Mary F., Google

My dog is an older guy and has seen lots of vets as we travel a lot. This place was really really great. The vet sat on the floor with him for at least 10 minutes observing what he was doing at his level. They did tests and were just very upfront and honest. I would go back anytime I needed a vet I could trust.

– Yvonne A., Yelp

All connected with MuraBella Animal Hospital genuinely shower our babies with love, affection, compassion, and the best care possible.

– Vetboostapp.com

We love Murabella animal hospital! Our Bella cat got sick awhile back and they took great care of her. She had a high fever, was lethargic, and we were so worried. The staff was helpful, kind, and caring. Our Bella is so much better now and we will definitely visit them again for our per care needs.

– Julie S., Yelp

I just took my cat (thumper) here and had such a wonderful experience. She was so nervous, she had a messy accident in the car. They were so sweet to give her a bath, she isn’t as nervous going back home. They took such great care of her. My fathers dog has passed on Wednesday (yogi-boo) and were so patient and kind with my father knowing this was one of the worst situations that could of happened. The staff is absolutely wonderful (I love Whitney! ) they know how to make nervous parents calm and comfortable. Thank you all again!

– Kourtnee J., Facebook

We recently moved to the area. This was our first visit. The staff was warm and friendly and answered all of our questions.  I would highly recommend them for all your animal family needs.

– Nancy B., Google

Dr. Bell and the staff at MuraBella have cared for our dog and cat. They are professional and caring. They educate patients and caregivers over choices and provide options that are best for the whole family. They are so accommodating and go over and beyond to assist with even the simplest tasks like getting your pet from the clinic to the car.

I recently received the unfortunate news our dog was terminally ill. Dr. Bell was so comforting and walked me through the options. I felt like I had a friend who cared for my dog and for our family. The staff and vets are top notch.

– Heather A., Yelp

While watching the doctors and staff interact with my pets, you can see that they really care as much as I do. They will give them hugs and kisses to show their love.

– Vetboostapp.com

While watching the doctors and staff interact with my pets, you can see that they really care as much as I do. They will give them hugs and kisses to show their love.

– Vetboostapp.com

I have a very skiddish lab, she was a stray. I can’t get her through the door of a vet. Dr. Bell and her technician saw Bella outside in the parking lot and examined her as she sat in my van. Dr. Bell commented on how normal her heart rate was and how rapid it had been when seen in the office. This was a far more comfortable and rewarding visit and I would highly recommend this approach if you have a nervous pet.

– Ted G., Facebook

They were so compassionate when we lost our older dog. I love their willingness to use holistic medicine and how understanding they are when you are broke. No judgement, so nice! We will never go anywhere else.

– Lynn D., Google

I really appreciate that you all worked together to handle my difficult cat with a variety of strategies. I feel heard and not talked down to, and that is such a wonderful thing. Thank you!

– Vetboostapp.com