We Are a Cat Friendly Practice

MuraBella Animal Hospital is proud to be a gold-certified Cat-Friendly Practice. We have taken extra steps to make our hospital a comfortable and safe place for your feline friend, as well as training our staff in the best ways to work with cats and keep vet visits as stress-free as possible.

Watch the following video provided by the AAFP to learn how visiting a Cat-Friendly Practice can make Vet Visits a breeze!

Cat Friendly Practice Gold certification. By the American Association of Feline Practitioners

You can learn more about the Cat Friendly Practice program, and how it can benefit you, on the Cat Friendly website. They also offer many other resources for cat owners!

Click here to view the Cat Owner Brochure provided by the AAFP: This brochure provides cat owners information on what to expect from a Cat Friendly Practice and how visiting one can benefit you and your cat.

Click here to view more Cat Owner Education Brochures provided by the AAFP: The AAFP has created brochures to educate cat-owners on their unique needs. These brochures include everything from litter-training to caring for your senior cat. Be sure to check out their tips on “Getting Your Cat to the Veterinarian!”