As the new year quickly approaches, so do exciting new adventures! We are very excited to announce our team will be opening a second location in the Saint Augustine Shores! With this new location comes a new, state of the art grooming salon for Crystal as well! As of January,1, 2020 we will not be able to schedule any new grooming reservations as we will begin transitioning Crystal to the Shores location but we will be able to change any already existing appointments so please call us before January 1st to pre-book your 2020 grooming reservations! Spaces are limited! We know Crystal will be well missed here at MuraBella but she will be just a short drive away in her well-deserved, personalized salon. As soon as the Shores location is up and running, we will begin taking her reservations there!

In the meantime, Crystal is available 5 days a week through December 23rd for the holiday season. Call now to book!

Please ask the team for any additional details!

Doctor Recommendation

Some signs of diabetes in pets are listed in the image below. Of course these symptoms can also be side effects of other medical conditions as well so if your pet is suffering from these symptoms and you think they may have diabetes, our doctors recommend scheduling an appointment so we can work together to keep your pets #Healthy&Happy.

Some rescues we recommend are:

Did you know? Training pays off!

Did you know that most animal rescue organizations and shelters prepare for an influx of pets to be surrendered around the holiday season? Thousands of dogs and cats are adopted around this time of year and, unfortunately, a lot of them find themselves homeless again within a few months for reasons beyond their control. While the holiday season is a great time to adopt a new member of the family, make sure it isn’t an impulse decision. Do your due diligence and research potential breeds and their traits as well as what trainers in your area you would like to work with. Some trainers we recommend are:

Important Dates

  • December 16th – December 23rd we will be offering complimentary holiday photos of your fur baby for any preventative care/ grooming appointments.
  • December 24th – December 25th: CLOSED
  • December 31st – January 1st: CLOSED

Should you find yourself needing a veterinarian while we are not here, we recommend going to:

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