August 2018: Featuring A Senior Love Story

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Christie’s Story (A Client):

Our first 2 dogs, Cubby and Ginny, we got as puppies. They both had very long lives, passing away at the age of 17. We found that as they grew older our bond strengthened and we wanted to spend more time with them. After they had both passed, we said that we wouldn’t have any more dogs. That lasted about 6 months.

We started talking about getting another dog. We both agreed that as cute as puppies are, we didn’t want another puppy. First, we didn’t want to deal with the crying at night, the chewing, bouncing off the walls, or potty training. Second, puppies can easily find homes.

As we reflected on Cubby and Ginny’s lives, we agreed that if we did get another dog we would look for a senior dog. They are more laid back and usually content just hanging out and being loved. One of the realities of bringing home an older dog is dealing with health issues and having to deal with the passing of that dog. We agreed that providing a happy end to a dog’s life was worth the medical expenses and grief that we would eventually have to deal with.

We knew we didn’t want a large dog. Ginny was a Pug/Chihuahua mix, so I figured a Pug was a good size dog. One day, I decided to do a search in Facebook for Pug. One of the pages that came up was Central Florida Pug Rescue who would rescue or receive surrenders of any Pugs in the area. That is where I found Adele. She had been rescued from a shelter. Adele was a senior dog who was deaf, blind, and had been neglected and suffered an awful skin condition when they picked her up. After going through the adoption process, we went to meet Adele at her foster home. When we were there, this little guy came over to both of us with his sweet eyes and tongue sticking out. We asked what his story was. He had also just been picked up from a shelter. Like Adele, he was blind, had no teeth, and suffered from a broken jaw. After meeting him, we knew he had to come home with us. That is how we got our first 2 Pugs (Adele and Mr. Bojangles) to join our family.

After getting them home, we could tell right away that they both had hard lives. It gave us so much joy to provide them with the love and comfort that they deserved. They both quickly owned large parts of our hearts and we knew that we made the right choice in finding a rescue and adopting senior dogs. Adele has since waddled over the rainbow bridge and we have had two new Pugs, Weston, and Bubba, join our family from Central Florida Pug Rescue (CFPR).

Visit the CFPR Website

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