Did you know pets can get diabetes? While it is more common in older dogs, it can occur in pets of all ages! Pet diabetes month was created to raise awareness of the growing prevalence of diabetes in cats and dogs. The sooner diabetes is diagnosed, the easier treatment and management can be, so it is important to learn and know the signs so they can be caught sooner. With proper treatment, monitoring, diet and exercise, even pets with diabetes can live long, happy lives.

Doctor Recommendation

Some signs of diabetes in pets are listed in the image below. Of course these symptoms can also be side effects of other medical conditions as well so if your pet is suffering from these symptoms and you think they may have diabetes, our doctors recommend scheduling an appointment so we can work together to keep your pets #Healthy&Happy.

Thank You

November is all about being thankful and while we try and show our appreciation year-round, we would like to take this time to paws and thank those who make our work possible and worthwhile.

First, our team.

Thank you to our Client Service Representatives. As the first line of communication between the medical team and our clients, our CSR’s maintain the flow of the hospital. From working with emotional clients, prioritizing emergencies, cleaning up messes, discharging patients, processing paperwork, answering phone calls, and keeping the schedule moving, our CSR’s make it possible for our Technicians and Doctors to focus their attention on caring for your fur baby.

Veterinary technicians are the unsung hero’s in pet care. They are way more than the person in scrubs who ask you a few questions before the Doctor comes in. Our technicians are educated and trained by our doctors to perform an array of medical procedures and treatments for your animal, allowing the Doctor to focus on things only the Doctor can do, like diagnosing illnesses and performing surgeries. Not to mention our technicians are responsible for the majority of the dirty work.. From nail trims to anal gland expressions and fecal collections…let’s just say they bring a change of scrubs to work everyday.

The dedication, commitment and passion that our wonderful doctors, Dr. Bell, Dr. Drilingas and Dr. Sims have for the work they do is amazing and is the foundation of the work we do daily at MuraBella Animal Hospital. Being a veterinarian can be a demanding job and comes with its fair share of hardships, so the dedication our doctor’s bring to the table daily, regardless of the tough days, is an inspiration to us all.

Most Importantly,

We are so greatful to have such wonderful clients in our community that trust us to provide gold standard medical care for their fur babies. Without the support of those around us, the work we do would not be possible. We love being able to interact with our clients, reps and other local businesses through events and partnerships and we are so thankful that the community around us has welcomed our business with such open arms.


As we reflect on the things we are thankful for, let us not forget to thank our Veterans those who work and sacrifice everyday to allow us the freedoms we have and the opportunity to do the things we love.

Grooming Gossip

Some words of thankfulness from our Pet Stylist, Crystal

I am so thankful for my clients and their four legged friends! Everyday brings new experiences, challenges and lots of wet-nosed kisses! I am greatful for the opportunity to work at MuraBella Animal Hospital with a team that always lifts each other up! I am thankful for my wonderful family, who support me in all of my choices, and for my pets who never fail to comfort me or bring a smile to my face! Last but not least, I am so thankful that I will be available 5 days a week for grooming starting Monday, November 18th- Monday, December 23rd.

Call 904-940-9401 to get your pets holiday haircuts scheduled today!

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Did You Know?

Did you wake up and your pet wasn’t feeling well but you have to get to work? Is your pet due for their annual exam but you don’t have time to come in? Are we fully booked and can’t get your pet in at the time you’d like?

Did you know we offer drop-off appointments for no additional charge so the doctor can perform their exam and treat your sweet furbaby between pre-scheduled appointments?? All we ask is that you provide us with the best phone number and email for you that day so we can touch base regarding treatment plans and diagnostics.

If you think a drop-off appointment will work best for you, let us know when you schedule and we’d be happy to help!

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Thanksgiving Hours

November 27th we will be open for a half day. Appointments will be available from 8AM- 1:30PM.

We will be closed Thanksgiving Day, November 28th.

Normal business hours will resume on Friday, November 29th.

In case of emergency:

Capital Veterinary Specialists: 904-647-7481


Saint Augustine Regional Veterinary Emergency Center: 904-797-5770

Have a happy and safe holiday!

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