As we get ready to begin the new school year and our schedules become a little more hectic, it’s important to take a moment and think of how these changes may affect our pets. Many of us take advantage of the summer months as an opportunity to spend extra time with our families and our fur babies. As a result, the change in routine when children return to school can be confusing and stressful to a family pet. Instead of daily play time and walks, we pack up and leave the house without them. This can be understandably upsetting to your furry companion.

Some tips we have to ease the transition are:

  • Getting your pets used to the new routine a week or so early by leaving the house for 30 minutes or so in the morning without them
  • Leaving treat-filled toys and hidden treats around the house to keep their minds busy
  • Take your fur baby on long walks/ trips to the park when you arrive home from school/ work to ensure they’re getting enough exercise and attention!

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Doctor's Recommendation

Just like with our kids, it’s important to practice school-bus safety with our furry friends as well! I know when I was a kid I used to love it when my pups got to come to the bus stop with me, but in my young age, I didn’t realize how stressful it might be for my dogs to see me getting on the bus and leaving without them. I remember one day my dog broke away from my mom and chased after the bus! That day was a learning experience for us that while the first days back to school are very exciting for us, our dogs may not understand all of the enthusiasm and it is very important to keep them on a leash to avoid any stressful situations or accidents.

Along with our back to school theme this month, we are running a school supply drive! Click here to learn more.

Grooming Gossip

Hello and welcome to Groomer Gossip!

A new section of MuraBella Animal Hospital’s Monthly Newsletter for news about the salon! My name is Crystal. People often call me “the groomer with the purple hair”. But you will see I have much more to offer than just my fun colorful hair.

I’m an AKC S.A.F.E. Groomer through the American Kennel Club Canine College. I am also registered and certified with National Dog Groomers Association of America. In an effort to continue to improve, earlier this year I was certified with Pet Emergency Education for Pet CPR and First Aid. I am the only groomer in Northeast Florida with all three accreditations and I am always seeking out seminars to continue my education and hone my skills. Safety and Comfort for your pets are always on my mind. Teaming up with MuraBella Animal Hospital has been a wonderful and positive move in my life and career. Be sure to keep an eye on future newsletters and our social media accounts for updates on new and exciting products and services, including pet safe dye and luxury shampoo options!

Did You Know?

Hurricane season is here.  It’s important to be prepared and know which shelters in your areas accept pets and what their requirements are in case of evacuation.
Some pet- friendly shelters in our area are:

  • Timberlin Creek Elementary School: 555 Pine Tree Lane, St. Augustine, FL 32092
  • South Woods Elementary School: 4750 SR-206 West, Elkton, FL 32033
  • Chimney Lakes Elementary School: 9353 Staples Mill Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32244
  • Landmark Middle School: 101 Kernan Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32225
  • Legends Community Center: 5130 Soutel Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32208.

Visit the following websites to get more information and requirements about evacuating with your pets:

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